How are you sleeping? If you are watching the news or on social media right before bed you probably aren’t sleeping as well as you could be. Sleeping one of the most important parts of effective self-care. As a person with ADD / ADHD getting enough sleep is vitally important.

Getting the right amount of sleep and the right type of sleep improves your focus, productivity and your mood. When you do not get enough sleep or the right type of sleep not only does it make those things worse it can also make you sick. When you have ADD / ADHD sleep can often be one of those things that we put low on our list of priorities.

Sometimes just being reminded about how important sleep is by somebody like me can be enough to help some people become more aware and more mindful of sleeping. From there many people can begin to get more sleep by improving sleep hygiene and getting back on their sleeping routines.

Some people need to go a bit further and take a look at what might be getting in the way of sleeping. If you are one of those people, I’ve got some great news or you. I was joined this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio by Jonathan Carroll and we talked about many of the things people with ADD / ADHD were doing that were interfering with sleep.

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What’s been getting in the way of you getting enough sleep? 

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