Are you stressed out? Join the the club! I just recently heard that we are the most stressed out in the United States than we’ve been in any other point in time. That’s the general population too. As we know when we have ADD / ADHD we are more prone stress and overwhelm than the average person.

Since it’s very likely we are even more stressed out than others, it’s even more important to reduce the stress and overwhelm in our lives. As I often discuss Self-Care which includes: Sleeping, Healthy Eating, and Exercise is essential to reduce stress. So, part of the reason I’m writing today is to remind you and help you become more aware and mindful of the importance of effective self-care in your life right now.

TappingI’m also writing share a great resource that can help you reduce the stress and overwhelm in your life. It’s the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit. It’s a FREE 11 Day Online Event focusing on Tapping also known at the Emotional Freedom Technique. Not only is the event free but Tapping is also an easy, convenient, no cost technique.

I do apologize because I’m letting you know about the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit on day 3 of the 11 day event. I started listening to it myself yesterday and as I was listening today I realized that Tapping could help many people with ADD / ADHD.

Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of great content to listen to over the next week!

I highly recommend checking out The Tapping World Summit.

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