“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.”

~ Mark Victor Hansen

Are you ready to start feeling more confident and more successful?

No more excuses or putting it off. No more thinking it can’t happen. Or that we can’t be as successful as ‘that guy or girl.’

Success is as unique as you are.  And while we each have our own definitions of what that success looks and feels like for us, there are resources – tools and information – that can help you get there.

Which is why I am excited to be at part of the  2017 Succeed with ADHD Telesummit where over 20 ADHD world professionals and experts will share with you some of their extra ordinary tried and true ways to succeed with ADHD.

And I want to invite you to attend as my guest, from the comfort of your own home… or workplace (or the gym, beach, car…wherever you can get a phone or internet signal), completely f.ree of charge.

That’s right, you can listen to all of the 20 segments at no cost to you.

Here are the details:

“Succeed With ADHD Telesummit”

The week of July 17th – 21st

Hosted by Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD and IACTCenter


 And just so you will know who will be joining us, here’s a sneak peak at the guest experts and the topics who will be speaking at this year’s telesummit (yes, my name is in there!):

  • ADDA and CHADD – “Spark Insights that Change Everything”
  • Alan Brown of ADD Crusher – Break the Procrastination Curse with Brain Hacks”
  • Ann Shanahan and Gayle Sweeney“Behind the Wheel With ADHD…For Parents”
  • Billi Bittan- “When Nothing is Going Right Go Within to Uplift and Shift Your Situation”
  • Carol Gignoux- Your Innovator Brain – The Truth About ADHD”
  • Casey Dixon- “Use Mindfulness to Reset Your Autopilot and Stop Crashing”
  • Charles Parker- “Insights for Change in Mind Science: How Reality Improves Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols”
  • Cindy Goldrich- “Give Kids a Break – and Then Get Them Back to Work!”
  • Evan Kirstein- Coming Out as ADHD!”
  • Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane DempsterWhere to Start When Parenting ADHD with Anxiety, Depression, and/or LD”
  • Kari Miller- “Unleash Your Secret ADHD Memory Capacity”
  • Linda Roggli “Those Wild and Crazy Hormones – the ADHD Connection”
  • Lynne Edris- “That First Step’s a Doozy! How to “Just Get Started”
  • Rick Green- “Why I Started Taking ADHD Medication and Why I Stopped”    
  • Robin Livingston-Richter AND Sarah Hammond- “What’s Weighing On You:  ADHD & Eating Disorders”
  • Roxanne Fouché- “It’s Not You – It’s Your Goals: Set Yourself Up for Success with ADHD-Friendly Goal Setting”
  • Samantha Moe – “2 Pillars of Parenting for Peace at Home”
  • Tara McGillicuddy-The Power of Words and Thoughts for Success with ADHD”
  • Terry Matlen-Moms with ADHD: Tips and Tools for Surviving an ADHD Family”


Be sure to save your seat at Succeed with ADHD Telesummit.

Everyone wants to be successful…this is the telesummit to help YOU unlock the secrets so you or someone you love can achieve that with your ADHD.

I hope you can join us! Let’s all be remarkable!

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