October is ADHD Awareness Month and the ADD / ADHD Community is coming together online at the 8th Annual Online ADHD Awareness Expo. The World’s Leading ADD / ADHD Experts will be joining us by Video to share their favorite Tips and Strategies on how to live Successfully with ADD / ADHD. The ADHD Awareness Expo will also be featuring products and services in the Online Exhibit Hall. Also, the ADHD Awareness Expo speakers and sponsors have also donated hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to the complimentary gift bag.

Our Special Guests Include:

Alan Brown
Dr. Alan Graham
Dr. Ari Tuckman
Bonnie Mincu
Cameron Gott
Casey Dixon
Dana Rayburn
Dr. David Nowell
Deb Burdick
Diane Dempster
Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Jessica Mccabe
James Ochoa
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
Dr. John Ratey
Karen Ryan
Dr. Kari Miller
Kerri Richardson
Laura Rolands
Laurie Dupar
Linda Roggli
Liz Lewis
Lynne Edris
Melissa Orlov
Nikki Kinzer
Regina Carey
Rick Green
Dr. Roberto Olivardia
Rudy Rodriguez
Sheri Hall-Miller
Dr. Stephanie Sarkis
Terry Matlen

Topics Include:

  • Organizing Tips
  • Parenting Strategies
  • Mindfulness Tips
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Productivity Tips
  • Tips for Procrastination
  • & Many More

This Week Long event is FREE to attend and best of all you don’t need to go anywhere. You can attend right from your own living room or office.

The doors for the Online ADHD Awareness Expo will open on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT.

Pre-register now for immediate access to a surprise bonus.

I really hope to see you next month at the Online ADHD Awareness Expo!

Tara McGillicuddy


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