I just spent a good half hour trying to find a battery for my wireless mouse. Not only did I miss out on 30+ minutes of productivity, I also added stress and frustration into my life.

This could have been avoided if there were 2 main things I had done differently.

System for Batteries – Instead of disposing of old batteries in some sort of organized way, the old batteries ended up in the bottom of my desk draw. Oh, and the new batteries were also in the same draw in a box. Sometimes the new batteries fell out of the box into the draw with the old ones. There was really no way of knowing if they loose batteries at the bottom of my drawer were good or bad.

The solution is very simple! Keep the new batteries and the dead batteries in 2 different places. This is easy to do but it takes a bit of mindfulness. What usually happened was that the battery in my mouse would die while I was in the middle of something important. I got frustrated and my mind was mainly focused on getting back to what I was doing. So, I put a new battery in the mouse, dropped the dead battery in the drawer and got back to work.

At the moment I’m out of new AA batteries for the wireless mouse so I can’t organize something I don’t have. I have found a place for the dead batteries! They will be placed in a box labeled dead batteries. My intention in the future is so slow down and be mindful enough to put dead batteries in the dead battery box (until I properly dispose of them).

Wired Mouse –  I could have just used a mouse with a wire that plugs directly into my computer. I don’t do well using the built in touch pad and so it really makes the most sense for me to have a separate mouse for my computer. For some reason I started using a wireless mouse years ago. In all honestly I wasn’t even sure if I could even purchase a wired mouse. I think I’ve been using a wireless mouse for close to a decade.

I found and ordered a wired mouse! The wired mouse should really help to simplify my life. There will be no batteries to worry about. No batteries will reduce frustration, save me money and help the environment. I won’t have to worry about misplacing the tiny USB receiver when I travel. Having an item with only 1 piece to it really reduces stress and frustration for me.

The wired mouse will help bring more peace in to my life!

Is there something in your own life that you can simply that will help to reduce stress and bring more peace into your life?

Tara McGillicuddy

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