What would you do with 24 extra hours this week?

If you had the time and the energy to do what YOU want, what would it be?

If you had 10 extra hours this week, what would you do with them? What if you had 15 extra hours, 24, or more?

Would you finally advance your career or grow your business in the way you’re capable?

Would you finally get THAT project done that’s been hanging over your head?

Would you spend more time with family and friends (and yourself?

What else would you do with more time, more energy, and even more money?

Whatever you Want your Life to Be, you can learn the Tools You Need to…

Stop Dreaming it, and Start Living It!

You know you’re Smart Enough to do better.

You know you’re Capable of more.

The stuff you Struggle with is not Rocket Science.

My colleague, Lynne Edris, has been where you are, right now. Even though she has ADD, she got past her struggles and created the life she desired for herself: building the successful business of her dreams, pursuing her passions and hobbies, raising her family and creating a loving and supportive marriage of nearly 30 years.

Lynne helps smart, capable people just like you whose lives/careers are not advancing at the level of their abilities because they can’t focus, stay organized, get things done and follow-through consistently. She helps them create real life, sustainable ways to keep their to-do lists under control, accomplish what they intend every day, perform at the level of their abilities and have more time, energy, and more money for what they want most in life!

And she can do the same for You! In her Chaotic to Capable Group Coaching Program, you’ll Learn Real-Life, Sustainable Strategies and Productivity Solutions that work for so you can:

  • Focus.
  • Get and Stay Organized.
  • Get Things Done.
  • Be On-Time.
  • Follow-Through Consistently.

Get to the bottom of what works for you, and eliminate what doesn’t.


It’s a group program with the one-on-one coaching touch!

Don’t put this off! Space is limited, and there is a substantial discount for early adopters!

The clock is ticking, so don’t put off signing up right away! (I know you don’t mean to procrastinate, but I also know that it happens sometimes, even with things you really want to do!) That’s one of the first things you can start to tackle in the program.

Click Here to join today!


Tara McGillicuddy



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