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Have you heard about the body double concept yet?

  • It’s a very simple and effective strategy to help people with ADD / ADHD.
  • Using a body double or body doubles helps people with ADD / ADHD increase focus and productivity.

What is the body double concept?

  • It’s having a person or people with you while you work on projects or tasks.
  • The person really doesn’t do anything but simply be with you.

Who can be a body double for somebody with ADD / ADHD?

  • Pretty much anybody can act as your body double
  • It’s a good idea that the person is somebody you have a positive or even a neutral relationship with
  • A parent or spouse/partner may not always be the best body double because there may be too much emotion involved.

Does the body double need to understand ADD / ADHD?

No, the body double is not required to understand or be educated about ADD / ADHD.

Does the body double ask the person with ADD / ADHD questions?

  • No, the body double does not ask questions.
  • The body double is simply just there

Does the body double tell the person with ADD / ADHD what to do?

  • No, the body double does not give instructions
  • The body double is simply just there.

Does the body double hold the person with ADD / ADHD Accountable?

  • No, the body double does not act as an accountability partner
  • The body double does not act as an ADHD Coach either.

Does the body double just have to sit there while the person with ADD / ADHD gets things done?

No, the body double may work on his or her own projects or tasks as long as it does not interfere with or distract the person with ADD / ADHD.

What type of body doubles are there?

  • There are 2 typed of body doubles
  • Then in person or physical body double
  • The virtual body double

For more information check the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast Episode Body Double Concept for Focus and Productivity.

Tara McGillicuddy

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