Here’s what you will be able to listen to on Day 2 of the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit (July 24th).

Believe You Can Get the Job Done! The Power of Self-Efficacy to Meet the Challenges of ADHD – Self-efficacy is believing that “you can get the job done.” With a life time of “failures,” lack of self-efficacy or self-doubt can become a “normal” part of ADHD life. In this presentation you’ll learn the neuroscience behind improving your self-efficacy and your self-confidence, why increasing your confidence and your self-efficacy are keys to overcoming ADHD-related challenges, and the practical, easy steps you can take to start believing you can get the job done! Dr. Kari Miller.


The Treatment of ADHD Begins with Hope – Whether for children or adults, the treatment of ADHD should be comprehensive and include a wide range of possible interventions, certainly more than medication or some other single step. Assistance should also be provided over the long-term, as ADHD generally does not go away. The person being treated may not need to go see the doctor very often, but he should always know that help is just one telephone call away. Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell


Danger Will Robinson!” How to Strengthen Your Internal ADHD Alert System – You may remember the television show, “Lost In Space” that aired during the mid-1960’s (and now a rebooted Netflix series). The series follows the adventures of a pioneering Robinson family of space colonists who are stranded on a space planet after their ship is sabotaged and thrown off course. Many of the weekly series focused on young Will Robinson and The Robot who is often present to warn young Will of any impending dangers.

In real life many people have a personal inner guidance system that steers them away from potential dangers; knowledge stored in their hindsight that guides them in the moment. Those of us with ADHD or weak Executive Function system seem to lack a similar inner guidance system. As a result we generally experience poor foresight (seeing things ahead of time to prevent making or repeating mistakes). It is said that ‘we frequently make the same mistakes or errors over and over again without learning from our mistakes’

Join this presentation with Rudy Rodriguez and discover the tips and tools to help strengthen your Internal Alert System enabling you to see potential problems in advance and prevent making repeated mistakes over and over again.


Technologies and Apps to Get You Through Your ADHD Days People with ADHD often need to rely on systems and strategies to help us remember tasks, stay organized and be successful in reaching our goals. A great system to use is technology and apps (as long as we stay away from Candy Crush or social media).

During her presentation, Abigail  Wurf will walk you through a typical ‘Day in a Life with ADHD’ – from getting up in the morning and preparing for the day, to getting through work or school, and ending the day in such a way that you are well prepared for the next one. You’ll discover the technologies and apps that can make each day easier and more successful.


Better Grades with Less Stress: Helping ADHD Teens Succeed at School Succeeding in school is often a huge challenge for students with ADHD, whether they’re earning straight A’s or struggling to pass their classes. The effort required to stay focused, keep up with assignments, and manage time effectively can take a toll on students’ motivation and create stress for the entire family. Dr. Maggie Wray specializes in helping high school and college students develop the organization, time management, and study skills they need to achieve their academic goals.

Join us for this special presentation to learn actionable ideas & strategies to help teens develop the skills, habits, and mindset they need to succeed in school, including:

  • The real reason students procrastinate, and how to help them get “unstuck” and started
  • 3 simple steps to super-charge students’ focus and motivation
  • Why the most common study strategies students use are the least effective, and  what to do instead

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