Where did the summer go? Can you believe it’s the end of August? I haven’t updated my blog in over month! Guess it’s time to get back to blogging again on a regular basis. Yes, I know you have heard this from me before…I’m sure you will hear it from me again too.

I have been busy working on ADHD resources this summer though!

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work my ADHD PodcastIt’s ended up being much bigger project and more time consuming than I realized it would be. When It’s completed it will all be worth it though. There will be more ways for listeners to find and access the podcast.

Be sure to check out the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast Episodes:

Also, check out my ADHD Playlists on YouTube. I’ve been uploading past podcast episodes there and adding playlists by topic and guests. There are more to come too! Be sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel because I am adding new episodes several times per month.

I’ve also begun preparing for the 9th Annual Online ADHD Awareness Expo! There are some changes to this year’s Expo. The biggest one that the Expo will be a MONTH long instead only a week!

Tara McGillicuddy


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