Having ADHD (ADD) can be very challenging and it’s important to learn and develop ways to overcome those challenges.  I don’t know about you but I’m getting burnt out with the fact the ADHD community as whole seems to focus primarily on “fixing what’s broken”. I’ll be the first to admit that I guilty of that too.

Though there are challenges associated with ADHD there are also positive aspects of ADHD. Creativity is one of the most known positive ADHD traits but there are also others.

Another positive trait associated with ADHD is Intuition. I’ve heard it mentioned here and there by ADHD experts, but it really hasn’t become “mainstream” yet.

Like creativity, intuition is one of those traits that can really help us succeed and thrive if we know how to work with it. Most of us weren’t thought how to harness our intuition when we were growing up. Many of us end up shutting it off because society for the most part doesn’t value intuition like it does other traits.

Just like there are resources to help us improve Time Management there some great resources and teachers to help improve and develop our intuition.

My friend Colette Baron-Reid just released a free video workshop that I think you’re going to love.

It’s called Experience The Magic Of Oracle Cards  and it’s a FUN and interactive online mini-course where you’ll learn how to use Oracle Cards to turn up the volume on your intuition (even if you don’t feel intuitive!), and manifest your best life in partnership with Spirit.

This is not about becoming a ‘card reader’ or a psychic. Believe it or not, Oracle Cards are a tool – a powerful tool.

But it’s not the cards that hold the power, it’s YOU.


… knowing, with clarity and confidence, the next best steps for you.

… discovering and aligning with your true purpose.

… having a “direct line to the Divine” as you co-create your extraordinary life.

… being able to tap into your deep reservoir of knowing – the part of you that already has the answers you seek.

That’s what this video workshop is all about.

If you’ve ever been curious about Oracle Cards… if you’re facing a big decision… or if you simply want more insight on a particular situation, this is for you.

Learn more and sign up here.

By the way, Colette is the real deal – and by far the most qualified person I know to share this kind of information with you.

She’s given over 50,000 readings in the past 30 years.

She hosts her own TV show and has appeared on countless others, including Dr. Phil, Oprah & Friends, The Today Show, and many more.

The amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer called her “100% credible.”

And she has some of the best Oracle Card decks out there. I own 3 of them myself.

But if you don’t have a set of Oracle Cards at home, that’s okay too! You can still participate in this video workshop.

Colette will give you access to her free Oracle Card app as soon as you register for the workshop, so you can practice online – anytime, anywhere.

But you have to register now to get in on the magic.

I’m excited to hear what you discover!

Tara McGillicuddy

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    • Lisa

      My daughter is ADHD and very intuitive. Strong intuition runs in my family, mainly in the women. My brain never stops, I often think I am ADD. I love that reading Oracle Cards are suggested to help learn. I read tarot cards and have always encouraged my daughter to listen to her inner voice, sadly she ignores it. Thank you for writing this article. I really enjoyed it.

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