The past two weeks, I think I’ve learned and grown more than the past 12 months combined.

I had no idea that I could change my mood by giving my liver a little extra TLC… (Thanks, Anthony William.)

Or that humans just appeared somewhere in history with no scientific explanation, which may clarify our peculiar psychic and extra-sensory gifts that no other species seems to have. (That’s Gregg Braden.)

Or, how I’m part of a collective of souls that’s come to Earth to wake up humanity. I mean… I had a feeling, but hearing it the way Dr. Barbara De Angelis says it, I’m finally convinced.

And you can now have a few insights of your own.

Until May 20, you can watch all of these lessons and then some, including more from Christiane Northup, M.D., Gabrielle Bernstein, Esther Hicks, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Louise Hay and more.

…all 100% free.

But you’ll have to hurry, because Hay House is closing the doors on the You Can Heal Your Life Summit after May 20.

Get in there now and start digging into these incredible lessons! 


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Tara McGillicuddy


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