October is ADHD Awareness Month and that means it’s time for the (FREE) Annual Online ADHD Awareness Expo. This is the 10th year of the ADHD Awareness Month Expo! This year the theme is the best of the best. I am featuring past ADHD Expo sessions from previous Years. There are more than 40 sessions this year!

Our first set of sessions are:

  • Opening Keynote – Dr. Edward Hallowell
  • Motivate & Sustain Your Brain – Alan Brown
  • ADHD and Self-Esteem – Laurie Dupar
  • Understanding Shame – Terry Matlen
  • Overwhelm, Avoidance, & Procrastination – Lynne Edris

Here’s what people are saying about the first set of sessions:

I got so much from Lynn Edris’s “Procrastination comes from Overwhelm”, and the 3 causes of overwhelm. Really made me think, and I will be sharing it with my clients. Thank you!


The Alan Brown session is my favorite because I learned some new things like about the power posture. I liked that all his tips were basically free and easy to do.


My favorite session is ADHD and understanding shame by Terry Matlen. This is a big problem affecting my patients and I was pleased to understand it better and acquire some strategies to help my patients with this aspect of ADHD.


The session with Dr. Hallowell is my favorite for seeing ADHD as a trait not a disorder and helping people unwrap those “gifts.” The idea of feeling connected to someone or something bigger than ourselves really resonated with me.

The FREE ADHD Awareness Month Expo takes place online until October 31, 2019. The Best of the Best featured sessions will be released through out the month and you will be able to watch them at your convenience until the Expo ends.

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