I am so excited to be a part of the biggest ADHD virtual event this summer –  the 10th annual Succeed with ADHD Video Summit being held June 22-26.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who’s Going to Be There: You, me, host Laurie Dupar and 25 other ADHD experts

When: June 22-26, 2019

Where: Anywhere! You just need access to wifi or internet. Join us from your phone, computer, even your iPad

How: By visiting the ADHD Virtual Summit Website and registering HERE.

Why: Because we want you to succeed with your ADHD!

This 10th annual Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit will provide you with benefits like:

Amazing speakers – 25 ADHD experts – including me – who got dressed and joined the host Laurie Dupar, Nurse Practitioner, 20 year veteran ADHD and Founder of the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter) and Coaching for ADHD in the “video interview booth” to talk about specific topics on ADHD to help you thrive.

Return of some of your favorite guests – people like Alan P. Brown, Linda Roggli, Jeff Copper, ImpactADHD, Sharon Saline, Casey Dixon, Dana Rayburn, Leslie Josel, Shell Mendelson, ME and so many more.

New faces and resources from the worldwide ADHD community – people like Kelly Biltz, Tyler Dorsey, Marcelle Clavette, Sarah Cheyette, Sharon MacPherson, and Terry Bateman.

Easy access – Once you save your spot, you just sit back and relax! You’ll get an email straight to your inbox each morning starting June 22 with a link to the 5 videos for that day.

Incredible value – The videos you get each day have always been and will always be free to listen to for 24 hours.

Gifts just for joining – You get a specifically designed ADHD Swag Bag of goodies just for registering! This year the gifts have been generously donated by our Sponsors, including Alan P. Brown, Kelly Biltz, Tyler Dorsey, Cathy Goett, Carlene Bauwens and Gillian Hayes – all yours and delivered right to your inbox just for joining in the fun!

The doors are NOW open for you to save your seat and sign up for the largest most informative ADHD event of the summer…The 10th annual Succeed with ADHD Summit!

Save your spot today and join us June 22-26 to enjoy all the great information on how to succeed with ADHD.

Tara McGillicuddy

P.S. The doors are finally open, and you are personally invited to the 10th annual Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit – save your seat here.

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