Have you heard of  Virtual Co-Working Sessions? They also go by other names like ADHD Study Halls, Work Sprints and Action Sessions. I have been offering Action Sessions for YEARS. In mine I use a combination of the Virtual Body Double Concept, Pomerado Method and Energy Shifting Techniques. One of my Action Session participants referred to it as my Magical Formula.

The Body Double Concept has been around for decades in the ADHD World. I believe the term ADHD Body Double was coined by ADHD Coach Linda Anderson. The ADHD Body Double is a person who is with you while you work on a project or task. Just having another person with you helps you focus and get more done. When Linda Anderson first introduced the ADHD Body Double Concept the ADHD Body Double was somebody who was there with you in person physically. Over the years technology has helped the Virtual Body Double Concept become more and more popular.

The Pomodoro Method uses 25 minute work sessions. After working on a project or task for 25 minutes the timer goes off and there is a short 5 minute break. Then the person repeats the 25 minute work session and 5 minutes break a few times. The reason it’s called the Pomodoro Method is because the original timer used was shaped like a Pomodoro Tomato. The word Pomodoro looks and sounds powerful too so it makes sense that Pomodoro stuck.

The basic format and structure of most co-working session are similar. Each session leader adds his or her own energy and special sauce too. I recommend trying out different sessions led by different people to see which ones are the best match for you. I have not tried out Focusmate myself but have heard positive things about them. If you search for the terms ADHD Study Hall,  ADHD Work Sprint,  ADHD Coworking Session, and ADHD Action Session you will find the different types of sessions that are orffered.

I currently offer 90 Minute Group Actions Sessions though Zoom. My 90 Minute Group Action Sessions are FREE.  I also just recently began offering 2 Week Action Groups.  Each 2 Week Action Group has 6 sessions and each session is 2 hours long.  The cost of each 2 Week Group is $22.

Have you tried any of the ADHD CoWorking Groups? Which ones have helped you the most?

Tara McGillicuddy


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