Wow! Happy October! Where has the time gone?

It’s October and that mean it’s ADHD Awareness Month!

I am happy to let you all know that once again I am hosting the Online ADHD Awareness Expo. This year will be the 13th Annual ADHD Expo. The ADHD Awareness Expo will begin on October 15th. In past years it began on the 1st,

In past years I had so many people contacting me after the Expo was over telling me that they heard about the Expo in late October and didn’t really have enough time to access the Expo. So, I decided to start it a bit later this month. The Expo will still run for a full month. Unlike many of the other Online ADHD Events and Summits, attendees will have weeks instead of just hours to access the sessions for free.

The ADHD Awareness Expo is much more than an online summit. Like other ADHD Summits we have great sessions but there is so much more!

There will be:

  • Zoom Networking Sessions
  • A Chat room
  • Contests
  • Prizes
  • FREE Goody Bag

Oh and it’s All FREE!

I really hope you will join me at the ADHD Awareness Month Expo!

Tara McGillicuddyADHD Awareness Expo Host




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