Happy 2023!

Another year is in the books. And another fresh start is upon us.

But how can we make this fresh start different from past years’ attempts at meaningful change?

I want to make sure you know about a great ADHD that I am participating in as an expert ADHD Speaker.

This is what the Crush Your ADHD Summit is all about, and it kicks off January 23, 2023.

It’s hosted by my friend and colleague, Alan P. Brown, coach, speaker and creator of the award-winning ADD Crusher™ program, and it brings together 25 ADHD experts (including me) to help ADHD adults of all ages to…

…reboot (with fresh perspectives)
…reload (with new solutions) and
…reimagine (your future in ways you never thought possible).

Mark your calendar for Monday, January 23rd thru Friday the 27th, click HERE to reserve your seat, and get ready to dive into some of these topics:

– How We Can Use Forgiveness to Reboot Relationships with Brendan Mahan
– Those Wild and Crazy ADHD Hormones with Linda Roggli
– Why You’re Drowning in Clutter and What You Can Do About It with Dana Rayburn
– Your REAL Triggers and Roadblocks When You Can’t Get Started with Bonnie Mincu
– How to Reboot Your ADHD Brain and Get Into Flow with Jeff Copper

– Delegate to Elevate: How to Delegate with ADHD with Brooke Schnittman
– Take the Guesswork out of ADHD Medications with Laurie Dupar
– Self Talk is Self Care: Put the Stick Down & Stop Beating Yourself Up with Elaine Taylor-Klaus
– Reimagining Time Management: Fixing the Gears in the Productivity Machine with Lynne Edris
Create Clarity and Crush Your Chaos with Tara McGillicuddy (ME)

– My Secret For Getting Unstuck and Finding Your Way: Go Inward with Terry Matlen
– Overcoming Anxiety and Procrastination: How to Worry Less and Get More Done! with Sharon Saline
– Retool Using Lists to Manage your ADHD with Keith Griffin
– How to Discover, Understand, and Own Your Strengths to Fuel Your ADHD Brain with Diane McLean
– Using Body Doubling to Beat Procrastination with Kristin Galbreaith

– Redefining and Rebooting Your Concept of a Joyful Career Path with Shell Mendelson
– The Connection Between ADHD and Co-Dependence — and Why it Matters with Merle Kaplan
– The Art and Science of Setting Intentions to Reboot and Reimagine Your Life with Annamarie Marino
– The Miracle of One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks with Karen Johnson
– Improving Our Relationship with Routines to Get and Stay on Track with Julie Kliers

– How to Go from Bad to Badass with ADHD with Casey Dixon
– Beat Burnout by Shifting to a “Resource Management” Mindset with Lollie Weeks
– Reimagine Your Relationship with Math in 3-1/2 Easy Steps! with Suzanne Sampson
– Reframe How You Think About Planning with Nikki Kinzer
– How To Naturally Improve ADHD Challenges with Bob Dietrich

Be sure to reserve your seat! 

I look forward to seeing you there…

Tara McGillicuddy

P.S.: Mark it on your calendar now: January 23rd to 27th, 2023 – and make sure you save your spot NOW by clicking here.

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