Do You Feel Stuck and Frustrated?

Being Stuck or Feeling Stuck is VERY common for Adults with ADHD. The Good News is Getting Unstuck is as simple as taking one small step or action. If you listen to ADHD Support Talk Radio you have probably heard my Co-host Lynne Edris say that Simple Doesn’t Always Mean Easy (or something very much like that).

That’s one of the frustrations when we get stuck, logically we know getting unstuck is simple. We “should” be able to do simple things right? Often we don’t understand why we are not able to get unstuck and we beat ourselves up and get into a shame and avoidance cycle. There are different reasons as to why we get stuck and there are also different ways to get unstuck and begin moving forward.

There may have been times in the past when when didn’t know the reasons for being stuck. Maybe we tried different methods which weren’t the right ones to actually help us move forward. Maybe our expectations weren’t quite realistic and we didn’t give ourselves enough credit for the actual steps we took. Sometimes we continue to stay stuck due to fear and our past experiences.

Sometimes we take that one small step or action completely on our own. Sometimes resources like books or podcasts help us shift the energy just enough to take an action step. Sometimes there is an individual person like a friend or coach who help us take action. Other times it’s being part of a group like a class or coworking group which helps us. Know and remember that there are ways for us to move forward.

If you are feeling stuck I challenge you to take just one small action step. Maybe it’s putting away 1 item. Maybe it’s replying to one email. Maybe it’s standing up and stretching.

I also invite you to join me at one my FREE Group Action Co-working Sessions. If you have not tried one yet maybe this might be a new way to help you take those action steps and begin moving forward.

Tara McGillicuddy


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