Finding Professionals who understand Adult ADD

One of the biggest concerns that I hear from adults with ADD is that they can’t find a professional who really understands adult ADD. Many people begin with their primary care physician or go through their insurance company to try to get evaluated and/or treated for adult ADD. Some very lucky people do find great…

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Accomplishing Goals

As an ADD Coach I know how important accomplishing goals are to people with ADD. This one of the most common things that I work with my ADD Coaching clients. As an ADD Coach I am so happy when my clients share with me how great they feel when they do accomplish goals. But, as…

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ADD Coaching Contest

With the opening of my new Living with ADD Forum I thought this would be a great time to start a contest. I got the idea of running a contest from Terry Malten the Director of the only E-Clinic for ADD and Author of a New Book for Women with ADD.  Terry has run some…

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