Finding Professionals who understand Adult ADD

One of the biggest concerns that I hear from adults with ADD is that they can’t find a professional who really understands adult ADD. Many people begin with their primary care physician or go through their insurance company to try to get evaluated and/or treated for adult ADD. Some very lucky people do find great…

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Finding Online ADD / ADHD Support

Chances are that you have found this blog because you are looking for some type of support or information for Attention Deficit Disorder. If this was not one of your first stops, there is a good chance that you are already very overwhelmed. There is a lot of online ADD Support out there. This may…

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Local ADD Support Groups

For years I have been participating in online ADD Support groups and Message Boards . Online ADD Support is great but there’s nothing like actually meeting up with other people with ADD. Finding a Local Adult ADD Support Group can sometime be very challenging.   Meet Up is a great website which connects people who…

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