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My ADD / ADHD Blog is featured on The Daily Reviewer as a top ADHD Blog. There are also some other great ADD / ADHD Blogs there. When you get the chance stop by The Daily Reviewer and take a look for yourself.

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Planning to Attack My Clutter

Today Becca Colao held the last session of the August 3 Week Adult ADD DeClutter Action Group. When I told my husband that Becca and I would be teaming up to offer this program through he asked me if I was going to sign up as a participant. I laughed at him and told…

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Time Management Tool – Analog Clock

As an ADHD Coach I'm often asked what I think the best time management tools are. I really love technology and love trying out different gadgets and online tools. However, I think one of the most important time management tools is an analog clock. Digital clocks do a great job of telling what time it…

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1000 Members in 5 months

In just 5 short months the Women with ADHD online support network has reached more than 1000 members! If you are woman with ADD / ADHD make sure you stop by Women with ADHD. There's an active message board forum area to give and get support from other women with ADHD. There's also a chat…

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ADHD Allies

I am really excited to announce that I am leader over at ADHD Allies which is a community on Facebook for Adults with ADHD. Through interactive functions such as real-time polls, podcasts, vodcasts, feature articles and topical comment walls, fans of the ADHD Allies™community will have access to community leaders, featured guest experts and other…

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Register Pre-Paid Credit Cards

If you have been reading my blog for a while now then you know that I highly recommend pre-paid credit cards for Adult with ADHD who shop online. They are great alternative to regular credit cards or bank debit cards. They can be purchased at banks and various types of stores. There is one thing…

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Adult ADHD Community

Those of you who have not been to ADDer World yet should check it out and become a member. It’s a great online community for those with Adult ADHD. ADDer World is pretty new but it’s becoming more and more active. ADDer World has almost of to 500 members now too!

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Automatic Toilet Paper Delivery

A few months ago I was with a group of people who were talking about whether toilet paper should should go under or over on the toilet paper roll. I laughed and said that IF I HAD toilet paper I was very happy and if was on the roll that was just an added bonus…

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Affiliates earn: $1 for each ADD Coaching Club Free Trial sign up then $7 per month $10 for each ADD Audio Library sign up and then $5 per month $10 for each ADD Book Club sign up then $5 per month $20 for each Adult ADD BootCamp sign up $20 for each ADDing FOCUS Program…

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Twitter ADD Friendly?

Are you on Twitter yet? I’ve been asked by quite a few people lately if I think Twitter is ADHD Friendly. My answer is both yes and no! I think it’s ADHD Friendly because the posts are really short. People are forced to make their tweets 140 characters or less. Why do I think Twitter‘s…

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